Zeeho AE6 Plus electric scooters have officially commenced sales, introducing a range of features and specifications tailored to diverse preferences and needs.

Zeeho AE6 Plus

Rishi Trade Center, the authorized distributor in Nepal, proudly announced the launch of Zeeho electric scooters on Monday.

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Among the offerings, Zeeho presents the AE6 Plus single battery variant at NPR 3,44,900, while its double battery counterpart stands at NPR 3,94,900. 

The Zeeho AE6 Plus premium scooter stands out with its standard-range variant equipped with a 1.8-kilowatt-hour battery. Notably, the long-range variant offers double batteries, ensuring extended travel capabilities for urban commuters.

Performance enthusiasts will appreciate the motor prowess of the Zeeho scooter, boasting a robust 5500 watts of peak power output coupled with a torque of 160 Nm. These specifications ensure responsive acceleration and confident maneuverability on varied terrain.

In terms of range, the standard variant of the Zeeho scooter promises up to 90 kilometers on a single charge, catering to daily commuting needs with ease. Meanwhile, the long-range variant elevates expectations with an impressive claimed range of 160 kilometers, offering extended exploration possibilities.

Safety remains paramount, with the Zeeho scooter featuring a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour and a combined braking system that incorporates regenerative braking technology. This comprehensive braking setup enhances control and stability, instilling confidence in every ride.

Furthermore, the scooter’s design incorporates a ground clearance of 130 mm, ensuring ample protection against obstacles encountered during urban travels. Whether navigating congested city streets or embarking on leisurely rides, the Zeeho scooter embodies versatility and reliability.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional value and performance, Zeeho electric scooters redefine mobility in Nepal’s urban landscape, offering an exciting blend of cutting-edge technology and exhilarating performance.

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