Yatri Motorcycles, a Nepalese electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has announced an exciting new development. Yatri now offers the world’s first electric 2W platform. Their upcoming model, the Yatri P1 Gen2, will be the world’s first electric motorcycle to support wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This means riders can now use their iPhones or Android devices seamlessly and safely while riding.

While Yatri has not yet shared all the details about the Gen2 model, they have revealed that it will include significant advancements. These improvements come from nearly 1 million kilometers of road data and feedback from users. This means that the P1 Gen2 is expected to have a better range and more reliable performance compared to the first-generation model.

Alongside this, Yatri Energy, a part of Yatri Motorcycles, is working on setting up a network of fast chargers. Additionally, these chargers will be placed along major highways and other key locations. This supports the growing community of EV users.


The first-generation P1 had impressive features, including a 3.0 kWh battery. You could charge P1 at home in less than 6 hours, or in under an hour with a fast charger. It had a peak power of 14 kW (about 19 hp) and a maximum wheel torque of 480 Nm. The P1 could reach a top speed of 100 km/h and offered a power-to-weight ratio similar to 250cc motorcycles.

Specs at a Glance of Yatri P1 Gen2

Peak Power14 kW (19 hp)
Range110 km
Top Speed100 kph
Wheel Torque480 Nm
Ground Clearance320 mm
Battery Capacity3.0 kWh
Home Charge2 hours (100% SoC)
Fast Charge40 mins (80% SoC)
Internet ConnectivityOn-board 4G network and bluetooth
Mobile App ConnectivityAndroid and iOS, Antitheft with on-board GPS, Charging Status, Fast Charger availability & Route Planning, On-demand servicing appointment, Roadside Assistance
PriceRs. 565,000
ReservationRs. 10,000

In the Nepalese market, the first-gen P1 was priced at Rs 5,65,000. In addition, buyers could also customize their motorcycles by choosing options for paint, seat, suspension finish, power pack, performance braking, and digital startup pack.

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With the introduction of the P1 Gen2 and its groundbreaking features, Yatri Motorcycles is set to make a significant impact on the electric vehicle market, both in Nepal and beyond.

Stay tuned for more updates.