Yatri and Sipradi have officially entered into a Joint Venture. Their joint objective is to develop, manufacture, and promote electric two-wheelers that is made in Nepal. This exciting partnership combines Yatri’s innovative designs with Sipradi’s decades of automotive industry experience, dating back to 1982.

Yatri and Sipradi

Sipradi is one of the prestigious organization in Nepal. They bring extensive knowledge and resources to this collaboration. They aim to drive forward the engineering and development of sustainable transportation systems. “Forward-thinking and progressive design are the two key pillars of this collaboration,” says Ashim Pandey, Founder and CEO of Yatri Design Studio. “This partnership enables us to build affordable yet cutting-edge electric vehicles while allowing us to establish an excellent network in the region.”

Rajan Babu Shrestha, CEO of Sipradi Companies, highlights the depth of preparation and study that has gone into this venture. He emphasizes their commitment to a long-term partnership with Yatri and addresses broader mobility challenges.

Yatri and Sipradi Joint Venture

This joint venture represents a shared vision of local innovation in automotive engineering. This marks an important milestone. Together, they aim to transform the stagnant electric two-wheeler industry with affordable and exciting Yatri products.

Many people were instrumental in making this partnership a reality. This includes the cross-functional team members from both Sipradi and Yatri, covering technology, finance, operations, and the core team, technical and non-technical staff, and in-house financial consultants.

Introducing the P2 Project: A New Era for Electric Scooters

Yatri and Sipradi Trading are also launching the P2 Project. P2 Project aims to pioneer next-generation electric scooters in Nepal. This collaboration is a significant milestone. It combines Yatri’s revolutionary designs with Sipradi’s four decades of industry expertise to embark on local manufacturing.

Founded in 2017, Yatri Motorcycles has been dedicated to proving that world-class electric vehicles can be designed, engineered, and manufactured in Nepal. The company recently unveiled a groundbreaking development: the upcoming Yatri P1 Gen2 dual sport electric motorcycle, set to become the world’s first electric two-wheeler platform to integrate wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.

Yatri P1

Check out more about the upcoming Yatri P1 Gen2 dual sport electric motorcycle here

Together, Yatri and Sipradi are set to transform the electric scooter industry with innovative solutions and new standards in Nepal.

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