Xpeng,’ the Chinese electronic vehicle manufacturer officially demonstrated the first public flight with their flying car named ‘X2’. The company, which had been working on flying cars for a long time now chose the skies of Dubai to fly X2 on 10th October 2022 for the first time. This led to the beginning of a new era in the world of automobiles as a whole, and EVs in particular.

The flight continued for 90 good minutes and was an apparent success as quoted by those who saw it. Not to forget, this dream of the Xpeng company came to life through collaboration with HT Aero. HT Aero is their own affiliate urban air mobility company.

The General Manager of Xpeng, Minguan Qiu was present during the flight in Dubai. According to him, they chose Dubai for this flight because they believed Dubai to be the most innovative city in the world. He added that this flight was just the beginning of their further avant-gardes in the next generation of flying cars.

Similarly, Omar Alkhan, the Executive Director at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce revealed that everyone as a team had been working for the past eight months to make this event a success. The associates included not only the event’s organizers and partners but the Government of Dubai as well which is responsible for air regulation.

Let’s know some amazing details regarding the newly flown flying car.


Length2.97 m
Width4.78 m
Height1.36 m
Flying Time35 min
Cruise Speed130 km
Height100 m
No. of Propellers8
Diameter of a Propeller1.83 m
Weight560 kgs
Maximum take-off weight760 kgs

Features of XPeng company’s Flying Car

  • Radar distance detection
  • Sensor system to avoid obstacles
  • A Parachute
  • 24-hour monitoring system
  • Multi-motor power backup
  • Eight independent power supplies
  • Four axes

About the Company

‘Xpeng’ was founded in 2014 by He Xiaopeng, Xia Heng, He Tao, and Yang Chunlei. Its headquarters lies in Guangzhou, China. It goes by the name Xpeng Motors and is popular for its expertise in automotive technology and the upliftment of EVs. Besides, the worldwide famous Alibaba Group also owns 12% shares of the Xpeng company.

One thing that strikes the minds when it comes to EVs is, charging the battery. Alike, Tesla, Xpeng is one such company that provides free lifetime charging to its customers all over the world. Apart from the flying cars, the company has produced incredible cars such as XPeng G9 SUV, XPeng G3i SUV, XPeng P7 Sedan, and XPeng P5 Sedan. These cars have been in demand for their amazing features and specifications.

Also, X2 is one of Xpeng’s series of aircraft. Before this flying car, the EV manufacturing company had made their X1 aircraft public in June 2018. This car had a single-passenger capacity only and a maximum speed of 72 km per hour. It’s thereafter existent that with X2, the company has reached a new height of EV production.