Kia has launched its all-new EV9 in Nepal, priced at Rs. 1.79 crore. This flagship mid-size electric SUV blends rugged elegance and cutting-edge technology. Further, it gives a fresh perspective on the synergy between urban sophistication and outdoor adventure. Let’s delve into what makes the Kia EV9 a standout in its class and a game-changer for the Nepalese market.

Kia EV9

“Opposites United”: A Design Philosophy Brought to Life

Kia’s innovative design philosophy, “Opposites United,” is masterfully embodied in the EV9. The O-frame C/PAD design contrasts a strong, O-shaped exterior frame with a hollow, lightweight interior, creating a striking contrast. This design choice underscores the SUV’s solid and magnificent presence and additionally, highlights the spacious, airy cabin within.

Advanced Driving Experience in Kia EV9

The EV9’s state-of-the-art steering wheel redefines driver interaction. Ergonomically crafted from premium materials, it integrates advanced touch-sensitive feedback, allowing drivers to control essential functions without removing their hands from the wheel. This seamless integration enhances safety and convenience. Further, providing a truly engaging driving experience.

Spacious and Versatile 7-Seater Configuration

Step inside the EV9, and you’ll find a meticulously designed 7-seater configuration (2+3+2). Each seat offers luxurious support with advanced adjustment options, ensuring unparalleled comfort. The spacious interior, complete with ample legroom and clever storage solutions, transforms every journey into a first-class experience. The rear seats fold flat with a single touch offering maximum flexibility for cargo and passenger arrangements. Further, this makes it perfect for family road trips and group outings.

A Commitment to the Sustainability of Kia EV9

Leading the charge in sustainable automotive design, Kia’s “10 Must-Have Sustainable Items” initiative is fully realized in the EV9. By incorporating materials such as bioplastics, recycled PET fabrics, and ocean waste, Kia sets a new standard for eco-friendly vehicles. This commitment has earned the EV9 a spot on Popular Science’s “50 Greatest Innovations of 2023” list. Lastly, Kia EV9 underscores its innovative approach to sustainability.

The E-GMP Platform: Engineering Excellence

Built on Kia’s groundbreaking E-GMP platform, the EV9 features a flat floor for enhanced comfort and utility. This platform not only improves structural connectivity and safety but also integrates an optional 2nd-row long sliding rail. Further, providing increased stiffness and flexibility for seating arrangements.

Power and Performance in Kia EV9

Under the hood, the EV9 boasts a 160 kW motor powered by a 4th Gen 76.1 kWh battery, delivering a top speed of 190 km/h. With an impressive city range of 611 km and a combined range of 443 km, the EV9 ensures that you can go the distance. The electric SUV also features advanced suspension systems, including a McPherson multi-link front suspension and a 5-link rear suspension. It ensures a smooth and controlled ride, even on Nepal’s diverse terrains.

Superior Aerodynamics and NVH

Kia’s first 3D undercover application reduces air resistance by optimizing under-vehicle airflow. It enhances the EV9’s aerodynamic performance. Additionally, the vehicle’s NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) performance is significantly improved with advanced materials and design. It provides a quieter and more comfortable cabin environment.

High-Tech Features and Safety

The EV9 is packed with high-tech features, including a battery saver, a battery heating system, and an E-shift dial. Safety is paramount, with 7 airbags, ABS, ESC, and more. The SUV also includes conveniences like a wireless charger, multiple power outlets, and advanced climate control systems.

Award-Winning Design in Kia EV9

The EV9’s innovative design and engineering have been recognized globally. Kia EV9 has earned prestigious awards such as the 2024 World Car of the Year, North American Utility Vehicle of the Year, and several design awards including the Reddot and iF Design Awards.

Elegant Exterior Choices

The EV9 is available in a range of striking exterior colors: Aurora Black Pearl, Ivory Silver (Matte and Gloss), Panthera Metal (Matte), Pebble Gray (Gloss), and Snow White Pearl. Complementing these colors are 19-inch alloy wheels, adding to the SUV’s commanding presence on Nepalese roads.

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The launch of the Kia EV9 in Nepal marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry. Combining modern urban style with outdoor adventure readiness, luxurious comfort, and sustainable innovation, the EV9 is not just a vehicle—it’s a statement. Whether navigating the bustling streets of Kathmandu or exploring the scenic routes of the Himalayas, the EV9 offers an unparalleled driving experience. What do you think about this SUV?

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