Tata Motors, renowned for its commitment to innovation and style, continues to redefine the automotive industry with its latest launch – the #DARK range. From the bold and dynamic Nexon to the premium and luxurious Harrier and Safari, each vehicle in this lineup exudes opulence and sophistication.

Harrier #DARK Range

The Nexon, India’s #1 selling SUV brand, now comes in its #DARK avatar, boasting striking exterior features and a feature-rich interior. Its electric counterpart is the Nexon.ev, takes innovation to new heights with ground-breaking features like Vehicle to Vehicle Charging and a 31.24cm Cinematic touchscreen system by Harman.

Safari #DARK

Moving up the ladder, the Tata Harrier and Tata Safari, both in their #DARK versions, offer unparalleled luxury and style. Pioneering features like Welcome and Goodbye Signature Animation on LED DRLs and advanced safety measures ensure a premium driving experience.

Nexon #DARK

Inside the cabin, the emphasis is on luxury and comfort, with features like Dual Zone Fully Automatic Temperature Control and Leatherette seats adorned with the #DARK logo.

Nexon EV #DARK

With its signature #DARK mascot and dark exterior treatment, Tata Motors’ #DARK range sets a new benchmark for style and premium appeal in the SUV segment. Experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication with Tata Motors’ #DARK range today.

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