Sony and Honda have teamed up to bring a premium-class EV by the year 2026. Sony has been serving as an electric device producer since its founding on 7th May 1946. Honda, on the other hand, has been a top-class motor company, also since their establishment on 24th September 1948. Both these over 70-year-long Japanese companies have joined hands dreaming of a sustainable future. The name of this vision is, “Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) Inc.”
Honda being the automotive company, people throughout the world have praised its decision to come together with Sony for its electric product. Sony will be responsible for the software system and an in-cabin entertainment arrangement in the EV.

Some of the attractive features of the SHM EV are the Level 2+ driving assistance in urban driving and more, plus a limited condition level 3 automated drive. Also, SHM has introduced a 5-level driving Automation on their official website, including a Partial Driving Automation in level 2.

The year 2026 will see the first-ever delivery by Sony Honda Mobility, beginning from the United States and Japan. As of now, the collaboration has envisioned delivering premium EVs in the United States and Japan only. They’ve revealed that they will be working on taking pre-orders in the first half of the year 2025. They are aiming to begin sales before the end of 2025.

This joint venture by two dignified companies has been viewed as an advancing step in the world of EVs. Understandably, the EV by Sony Honda Mobility Inc could be high in cost, lesser than that of many luxury cars.