After a long hold-up, Segway finally launched its new electric scooter, Segway E110L. The official distributor of Segway scooters in Nepal, iHub Pvt. Ltd. instituted its launch. This version is known to be the blend between the brand’s E100 and E125 variants of the scooters.

Segway E110L adopts its design from the other scooters of the brand. This new variant offers everything large including the seats, wheelbase, range, and many more.

Let’s go deeper into its specifications:

Segway E110L Specifications:

Battery TypeRemovable lithium battery
Battery Capacity72V 24Ah
Range60 to 110 km
Top Speed70 Kmph
Charging Time8-9 hrs
Length1855 mm
Width675 mm
Height1160 mm
Wheelbase1350 mm
Ground Clearance130 mm
Loading Capacity150 kgs
Weight76 kgs
Boot Space27 liters
Available colorsRed, Blue, White

As we discussed earlier, the capacity base of the scooter is better than the earlier variants, especially, for the price it offers. Let’s know the features and the Price of the scooter.

Additional Features

  • Designs are mostly similar to the earlier scooters that provide attractive modern designs with premium looks.
  • Consists of tubeless tyres and a standard braking system.
  • Automatic on-off feature on headlights that has a 6-lens Matrix LED setup.
  • Equipped with an additional USB charging port in the rear front storage pocket
  • Has a single-piece grab bar with a strip-type LED taillight.
  • Includes a tailored brushless electric motor.
  • It also has a dual battery structure and cruise control, a standard reverse button, and a hazard light switch.
  • Multiple driving modes.
  • The battery has IPX4 and IPX7 protection
  • The motor comes with a 2-year warranty while the battery comes with a 3-year warranty.
segway e110l scooter

Segway E110L Price

The price for the new variant, SEGWAY E110L is fixed at Nepali Rupees 365,000. This is one of the most cost-effective electric scooters one can get with extraordinary features.

Grab yours from the nearest showroom!


Where can I buy Segway E110L in Nepal?

It is available in all Segway and iHUB Pvt. Ltd. showrooms in Nepal.

Is Segway E110L better than Segway 100L?

Although the outlooks of Segway E110L and Segway 100L are almost the same, Segway E110L overshadows 100L in terms of features.

Who manufactures Segway scooters?

The Chinese company Segway Inc. is the manufacturer of all Segway products.

What Segway scooters are available in Nepal?

Segway GoKart Pro, Segway E100, Segway E110, Segway E125, Segway KickScooterF40, Segway S Pro, Segway KickScooter F30, and Segway eKick Scooter ZING E10 are the Segway scooters available in Nepal.