One Electric makes a long-awaited debut in the Nepali EV market with the launch of the Kridn Electric Bike. In the path filled with electric scooters and cars, the company, “White Lotus Motors” has taken up the responsibility to launch many electric motorcycles in Nepal. It is not only the authorized distributor of One Electric’s Kridn Electric Bikes but also distributes another famous electric bike, the ETRYST 350.

“Kridn,” the term literally means “To Play” in Sanskrit. This word undoubtedly makes complete sense with Kridn Electric Bikes for their electric background and gearless fun factor.

Talking about the details of the Kridn Electric bike, it is specifically designed for the roads of Nepal with localized materials. Alongside the use of high-graded matters, the bike is equipped with a kill switch, a saree guard, a three-speed switch, and a battery compartment.

To know the further attributes of the Kridn Electric Bike, read the table below table.


Top Speed95 kmph
Range110+ km (Eco mode) 80 km (Normal mode)
Acceleration0 to 60 kmph in 8 seconds
Torque160 Nm
Motor Hub5.5kW Peak Power
Lithium Battery3kWh
Combi Brakes SystemDisc/Disc-240mm/220mm
Front SuspensionTelescopic Hydraulic
Rear SuspensionHydraulic
Front Wheel80/100- 17 inches Tubeless
Rear Wheel120/80- 16 inches Tubeless
GPS/App ConnectOptional
HeadlightHalogen and Bulb
Brake/Taillight12V-5/21W (Multi Reflector)
Seating Capacity2
Seat TypeLong Unibody Seat

Price of Kridn Electric Bike in Nepal

Kridn Electric Bike surprised buyers by having quite a lesser price than estimated by most before its launch. Earlier during NADA EV Expo, One Electric gave Nepali Rupees 8000 discount for pre-booking during the NADA fest 2022.

At present, One Electric’s Kridn Electric Motorcycle’s price is Nrs. 320,000.

Competitors of Kridn Electric Bike

There are a few bikes already available in the Nepali electric motorcycle market. With there being only a few options, there are multiple possibilities for Kridn to flourish in the market of electric bikes in Nepal.

However, there are some bikes such as TS Street Hunter, and TC Max by Super SOCO which have garnered popularity among Nepalese. Also, the aforementioned bikes, ETRYST 250 and Epluto are also the electric motorbikes that Nepalese look for. Moreover, the actual rivals for Kridn are the non-electric bikes, whose fame is at its utmost in Nepal.

Hopefully, the new variations and features from Kridn in the future will be able to change the liking for fuel-based bikes in Nepal.

About One Electric

One Electric is an Indian company set with the aim of creating a revolution in electric transportation. They have a goal to use the highest quality local components to bring about this change.

Hence, the production process of the products focuses on the tough local roads of India. No doubt, the road conditions of Nepal are no different. The company believes in safety first principle and has used over 80% of Indian localized components in their product.

White Lotus Motors Other Products

As mentioned earlier, White Lotus Motors doesn’t solely distribute Kridn Electric Bike in Nepal. Its own electric products include the Neo Entrance scooter, Etryst 350 bike, and Epluto 7G.

Similarly, they also sell batteries for EVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Kridn?

Kridn means to play in Sanskrit.

Is Kridn Electric Bike the only electric bike in Nepal?

No, there are other bikes such as ETRYST 350, Super SOCO TS Street Hunter, and TC Max available in Nepal.

What is the cost of the Kridn Electric Bike in Nepal?

The price of a Kridn Electric Bike in Nepal is Nepali Rupees 320,000.

What is the range offered by Kridn on a full charge?

Kridn by One Electric offers a range of 110 km per charge.