Neta X is launched in Nepal’s EV market in three distinct variants, with prices starting from 52.99 lakhs. CG Motors geared up to introduce the Neta X with a diverse range of options, encompassing two battery configurations.

The forthcoming Neta X lineup will include models with a 51.8 kilowatt-hour or a 62 kilowatt-hour battery. The shorter-range variant will be offered exclusively in the Comfort model, while the longer-range version will come in both Comfort and Intelligent variants.

Promising impressive mileage on a single charge, the short-range model boasts a range of 400 kilometers, while its long-range counterpart extends this to 500 kilometers. Both models share a robust 99-kilowatt-hour battery, ensuring reliable performance.

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CG Motors gears up to kick off sales with the Comfort variant of the short-range model, priced at 52 lakhs 99 thousand rupees, mirroring the rate announced during the previous Nada Auto Show 2023.

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Furthermore, the Comfort variant of the long-range model hits the market at 57 lakhs 99 thousand rupees, with the Intelligent variant commanding a price tag of 61 lakhs 99 thousand rupees.

The two variants of Neta X are tailored to meet different preferences and needs. So, let’s discuss the differences found in these two variants.

The Intelligent Variant boasts a comprehensive suite of advanced safety features, including Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keeping Assist System, Blind Spot Detection, and Traffic Sign Recognition, enhancing both safety and convenience. Moreover, it offers amenities like a Mobile Wireless Charger and a Power Tailgate, elevating the overall driving experience. On the other hand, the Comfort Variant prioritizes essential comforts, featuring Cruise Control for smoother highway journeys. While both variants offer distinct advantages, the Intelligent Variant stands out for its comprehensive array of safety technologies and added conveniences, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a cutting-edge driving experience.

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