Nepali racers participated in the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Motor Sports Games for the first time in 2022. Hosted by France, Nepal Automobiles’ Association (NASA) sent its racers to FIA Motorsport Games this year. Team Nepal featured the National players of the racing category, Anil Kumar Baral, Jiswan Tuladhar Shrestha, and Diprash Shakya. All these players were able to garner much attention due to their phenomenal presentation at the FIA Motor Sports Games.

FIA Motorsports Games 2022 Team Nepal

For the Auto Slalom race,  Anil Kumar Baral and Jiswan Tuladhar Shrestha were able to lead Team Nepal to the top 23. They took 7.16 minutes to reach the finish line creating a gap of +2 minutes and 23.180 seconds from the winner.

Similarly for Karting Sprint, Diprash Shakya represented team Nepal and ended up performing brilliantly. Although Nepal did not become a medalist, the representation and the execution of these players is no less a matter of celebration for Nepal.

It’s apparent that the national racers of Nepal lack proper training plus, coaching. Hence, the accomplishment despite this fact is undoubtedly praiseworthy.

Besides, for the FIA Motorsports Games event, Tikaram Yatri, Yaduraj Lamichhane, and Srijana Baral were present as media personnel. 

FIA Motorsports Games 2022 Team Nepal

About FIA 

Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, commonly known as FIA was founded on 20th June 1904. Having its headquarters in Paris, France, initially had a goal of bringing consistent governance and safety to motor sport all over. Throughout the years of work in the area, the organization has grown to become a carrier of sustainability initiatives, road safety, organizer of multiple racing events, and also a promising promoter of anti-drugs in sports.

FIA Motorsport Games

FIA Motorsport Games certainly becomes a movement held through motor vehicles to promote the safety sector of the motor vehicles themselves. With a vision of awareness regarding the dangers of motorsport, these games have been taking place ever since 2019. Furthermore, it’s fair to call it the Olympic of the motor car racing sport.

For its first edition, the game was hosted by Italy in the city of Rome, from 1st to 3rd November. There were only 6 disciplines of racing sports included in the first year of the sport. However, due to the irrefutable impacts of COVID-19, FIA was not able to organize the tournament in the years 2020 and 2021.

As famously said, “better late than never,” FIA Motorsport Games made a grand comeback in 2022. France, the home of FIA, having its headquarters there, hosted the game in 2022 with 10 additional disciplines. It was held from 26th October to 30th October 2022.

The categories of the games include Autocross, Cross car, Drifting, Esports, Formula Racing, Kart Racing, Rallying, Sports car racing, and Touring car racing.

Moreover, the 3rd edition of the FIA Motorsport Games will be organized by Spain in Valencia in the year 2024.

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