We had the pleasure of attending a thrilling event hosted by MG Motors in the serene setting of Dulikhel, Nepal. The event promised excitement as participants were allowed to test drive MG4 EV, engaging in the MG4 EV Strength Test and experiencing the essence of MG.

MG4 EV Strength Test

Flag-off and Welcoming

The event commenced with a ceremonial flag-off by Bipul Chandra Bhattarai, the MG Sales Head, and Shirish Murarka from Paramount Motor Pvt. Ltd. Welcoming everyone warmly, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation.

Exploring the Cars

Three sleek MG4 EVs awaited eager participants on the track. Before diving into the excitement of test driving, attendees were treated to a detailed walkaround of the vehicles, allowing them to admire the craftsmanship up close.


Test Drive Thrills

With hearts racing and anticipation building, the moment arrived for participants to take the wheel and experience the prowess of MG4. Test drives commenced, offering enthusiasts the chance to feel the power and agility of these remarkable vehicles.

Safety Briefing in MG4 EV Strength Test

Prioritizing safety, a thorough briefing on safety precautions was conducted by Ijab Barun, Owner of The Dirt Temple. Ensuring that every participant felt secure and informed before hitting the road was paramount.

Insights from Owners

During the event, valuable insights were shared by owners, adding to the excitement. One notable remark came from the owner of the MG, who assured attendees that ground clearance was not an issue, emphasizing the versatility of the vehicle. It was particularly inspiring to learn that the first pre-booked MG4 EV was by a woman, highlighting the universal appeal of MG’s offerings.


The MG Motors event in Nepal was nothing short of exhilarating, offering participants an unforgettable experience filled with test drives, insights, and camaraderie. It showcased not only the excellence of MG vehicles but also the vibrant spirit of the automotive community in Nepal. We eagerly look forward to future events where we can once again immerse ourselves in the world of MG Motors.

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