MG ZS EV has introduced the long-range version of the EV in the Nepali automotive market. This version was first announced by the UK arm of the MG. MG Motors Nepal declared this to be a “more sleek”, “more enhanced”, “more innovative”, and “more electrifying” rendition of MG ZS EV on its social media pages.

MG ZS EV Long Range has a far greater battery capacity which leads the EV to conquer longer range. On top of all, MG ZS EV Long Range comes in 5 different unique luxury colors. To know more about the details, sneak into the specifications:


Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery Capacity72.6kWh
Length4323 mm
Width1809 mm
Height1649 mm
Wheelbase2581 mm
Long Range440 km (WLTP)
Top Speed175 km/h
Total Power115 kW (156 PS)
Acceleration8.4 sec (0 to 100 km/h)
Charge PortType 2
AC Charge Time11 Hours
Fast Charge Time37 Minutes
Fast Charging Speed410 km/h
ColorsPebble Black, Diamond Red, Dover White, Como Blue, and Cosmic Silver

Know About the Company!

MG Motors, which stands for Morris Garages Motors, was founded in 2006. The formation immediately took place after the collapse of the past MG Rover Group. China’s Nanjing Automobile bought the company and then again SAIC Motor acquired Nanjing Automobile.

The name MG Motor only came into being in 2009 when it was given the name MG Motor UK Limited.

Since the year 2011, the MG Motors company has been successful in bringing up a range of cars from supermini to the Extender category. The supermini variant is MG 3, while the extender one is MG Extender. It also includes compact hatchbacks, sedans, compact crossovers, and SUVs in the list of cars produced to date. The list comprises MG 4, MG 5, MG HS, MG ZS, MG Hector, MG Gloster, MG RX5, MG V80, and so on.

MG ZS EV Price in Nepal

MG ZS EV is priced at Nepali Rupees 81,99,000 for its initial booking.

The other version of MG ZS EV that comes with a warranty of 8 years has a price of Nepali Rupees 50,99,000.

Here, many car seekers have been complaining about the huge price difference between the two different types of the same car. MG Motors Nepal might certainly clarify this long range between the price.

What-so-ever, the only thing one can suppose to be the reason is the increment in the import duty for certain EVs.

Likely Rivals of MG ZS EV Long Range

EVs such as Hyundai KONA and BYD e6 can be tough competition to MG ZS Long Range EVs. Especially when the buyers can get a similar or even better amount of features and comfort at a less price, they would prefer a cheaper car. Undoubtedly, this is an ample challenge for MG ZS Long Range EV to sustain in the Nepali EV market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MG ZS EV fully electric?

Yes, MG ZS EV is a fully electric car.

How many units does it take to charge MG ZS EV?

Charging an MG ZS EV fully requires 44 units.

Is MG ZS EV the cheapest EV in the world?

No, there are other recent EVs that are way too cheaper than MG ZS EV.

Is MG ZS EV a hybrid car?

Yes, MG ZS EV has an AC plus DC battery for a long full charge and fas charge, respectively.