McMurtry Speirling has set the world record for the world’s fastest accelerating vehicle surpassing Rimac Nevera by 0.5 seconds. Within 1.4 seconds, the Speirling can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph for which Nevera would need 1.85 seconds. As per McMurtry’s claim, the car could do even better at acceleration were the scheduled day of record not set on a cold day.

Although many details of the car are yet to unveil, let’s get a glimpse of some!


Motors 2 rear-mounted electric motors
Power 1000hp
Top Speed 1000 bhp/ 746 kw
Kerb Weight 2205 lbs
Layout Middle Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
Length 3.20 meters
Width 1.50 meters
Height 1.05 meters
back view

In terms of seating capacity, the car is equipped with a single seat only. The steering wheel is F1-style steering. Behind the cockpit, it has turbines, in addition to the electric unit.

And, one of the major limitations of the car is the dashboard, McMurtry Speirling has no dashboard.

However, the car also set the record for the fastest climb when it was revealed for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022.

side view

Where did the name come from?

The name of the McMurtry Speirling comes from Sir David McMurtry’s surname. Mr. McMurtry is the executive chairman as well as co-founder of Renishaw plc. The other half, ‘Speirling,’ has Irish origin. The term means,  a ‘thunderstorm’ or ‘feisty’ in Irish.

No doubt, the car yells the name so well.

front view


The exact pricing is not precisely decided so far. However, the company announces that the car will cost “7 figures”. Meaning, the cost of McMurtry Speirling will at least be a million USD.

One of its eminent rivals, Rimac Nevera costs USD $ 2.13 million as a starting price. This can be expected from Speirling too.


Which is the fastest car in the world?

McMurtry Speinling is the fastest car in the world.

How long is the dashboard of McMurtry Speirling?

McMurtry Speirling actually has no dashboard at all.

How many seats does McMurty Speirling have?

McMurtry Speirling is a single-seater car.