Afghanistan is all set to entertain the international community with a supercar Mada-9, indigenously manufactured in the country. The Taliban spokesman, Mr. Suhail Shaheen ceremonially appreciated the Afgan engineer, Mohammad Raza Ahmadi through Twitter on 11th January 2023 for his innovation. The Taliban officials were formally a part of the unveiling ceremony of the supercar and voiced an encouraging message of innovative roleplay as youth toward the development of Afghanistan.

The name of the Afghani supercar is ‘Mada-9’. The Navavari Center of Technical and Vocational Education of Afghanistan made an effort to make this innovation possible in the country. The CEO of ENTOP, Mr. Ahmadi’s 5 good years of relentless work finally brings this product to the market. He is an Iran-born Construction Engineer who teamed alongside other 4 enthusiasts like himself to bring Mada-9 to sell. Hence, many believe that this supercar can be a game-changer in the economic development of Afghanistan and the country’s exposure to the world.
Although many features of the car are yet to unravel, some of the interesting details include:-

Mada-9 front face

Mada-9 Details

  • ENTOP company is the official manufacturer of the supercar.
  • Mada-9 has a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine.
  • The engine has a sleek similarity to the older Toyota Corolla.
  • The body panels are lightweight.
  • Both front and rear suspensions have an F1-style push-rod design.

The price and specifications of the car are on hold right now but as per the company’s claim, they’re onto the work of bringing a battery-electric variant of the supercar. Also, in the upcoming days, they will be working on coming up with an aggressive option to replace the Corolla engine.


Q. Is Afghanistan making a supercar?

A. Afghanistan has in fact already manufactured a supercar.

Q. What is the name of the supercar from Afghanistan?

A. The supercar domestically designed in Afghanistan is named ‘Mada-9’.

Q. Do the Taliban support Afghanistan’s supercar?

A. Yes, the Taliban spokesperson has spoken about their support towards the locally manufactured car and also encouraged youth to get involved in such acts of development.