The growing demand for electric vehicles in Nepal has welcomed several electric brands. One such example is the Zhejiang Luyuan. Zhejiang recently launched the Luyuan S30 which is an electric scooter. The new Luyuan S30 will undoubtedly gain a lot of attention as it has better liquid cooling, a long cruising range, and yes, the six-year quality guarantee. It is predominantly manufactured for male riders although girls can also use it.

The innovative brand Luyuan has shown that they are not only keen on new technologies but also lucrative designs. And similar is the case seen on the new Luyuan S30. It has an alluring internal and external appearance.

Luyuan S30 Design

Luyuan s30

Luyuan S30 looks beautiful with its peculiar color scheme. Besides, the vehicle’s main color is grass green which is extensively attractive. The big, square LED headlight in the front further enhances the beauty of the scooter and gives a wide illumination angle. Similarly, the taillight features good intensity and gives a modish touch to the vehicle.

The vehicle has a dimension of 1800 X 710 X 1098 and provides optimum internal and external space. Besides, the commodious pedal and up to par ergonomics design offer an excellent riding posture and ease long-distance rides. In addition, it also includes a 31 liters bucket under the cozy saddle.


Luyuan s30

Luyuan S30 boasts an expansive 9.2-inches all-vision instrument cluster. It looks like an iPad placed in the place of the instrument cluster and shows a variety of features. You can perceive information on the battery, speed, mileage, and many more. Besides, adopts the core black technology. Further, Luyuan is the first brand that has successfully applied the SOC power display to a lead-acid battery. It provides about 95% of accuracy and informs the user about the actual status of the vehicle. This algorithm of Luyuan has prominently elevated the cruising range by more than 10%.

The all-new Luyuan S30 features liquid-cooling technology that prevents the scooter from overheating. It also has an insulating coolant that is water and dust-proof. Besides, it also enables the temperature of the scooter to drop by 30 degrees Celsius. Another benefit of a liquid-cooled motor is that it can efficiently avoid demagnetization and rust.

Luyuan S30 Handling and Braking

Luyuan s30

Luyuan S30 flaunts beautiful, graphene steel wire tires that provide an adequate grip and long service life. Likewise, it significantly improves the cruising range and can go on all types of roads; be it the smooth, pitched road or the off roads.

The innovative manufacturer, the Zhejiang has come up with anomaly brakes that are built from ceramic compositions. Therefore, it can resist high temperature and reduces the braking technology by 30%. It also increases the service life by 5%. Similarly, the hydraulic shock absorber precisely filters vibration and offers a comfortable riding experience.

Luyuan S30 also boasts the intelligent anti-theft feature that provides anti-theft function. Likewise, it includes a big, sturdy 72V23Ah graphene lead-acid battery that offers a 100kms range. The company has also provided a guarantee of 6-years on the air-cooled controller and liquid-cooled motor.

Luyuan S30 Specification

Rated Motor Power72V550R/1000W 6X Oil Cooling Motor
Battery72V20AH Lead-Acid battery
BrakeDisc Brake/Ceramic drum brake
LightLED light
DisplayLCD board, SOC control core
Shock Absorber Front WheelsAluminum Cylinder Hydraulic
Rear-WheelSpring + Hydraulic
Wheel Size and Type3.00-10 Radial Anti-Puncture Tire
Anti-Theft SystemRemote Control Alarm
Width of Footboard390mm
Length of Footboard350mm
Chassis Clearance140
Width of Side Panel412mm
Climbing Ability10 degrees
Weight-Including Battery104kgs
Product Dimension1800/710/1098MM
Packing Size1800/550/1050mm