Peugeot e-Traveller Price, Specification, and Features in Nepal

The Peugeot e-Traveller is an impressive electric MPV that combines eco-friendly technology with versatility and practicality. Boasting a host of innovative features and specifications, the e-Traveller is designed to provide a seamless and sustainable travel experience for both passengers and drivers alike.

At the core of the e-Traveller lies its electric powertrain, which offers emission-free motoring, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious drivers. The vehicle is equipped with an advanced electric motor and a high-capacity battery that allows for an impressive all-electric range, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting cleaner air in urban areas.

Inside the e-Traveller’s spacious and well-crafted cabin, you’ll find ample seating for up to 9 passengers, making it an ideal choice for large families or group transportation. The versatile seating arrangement and sliding doors provide easy access to the interior, enhancing passenger convenience.

In terms of technology and connectivity, the Peugeot e-Traveller leaves no stone unturned. It comes with a user-friendly infotainment system, offering features like smartphone integration, navigation, and multimedia options, keeping occupants entertained and connected during the journey.

Safety is of paramount importance, and Peugeot ensures that the e-Traveller is equipped with a suite of cutting-edge safety features and driver-assistance systems. From adaptive cruise control to lane departure warning, the e-Traveller actively contributes to safer driving, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring peace of mind for both drivers and passengers.

On the road, the e-Traveller impresses with its agile handling and smooth ride quality. Its electric powertrain delivers instant torque, ensuring responsive acceleration and a quiet driving experience. With its zero-emission operation and minimal noise levels, the e-Traveller stands out as a serene and eco-friendly MPV.

Charging the e-Traveller is convenient and hassle-free, with options for both home charging and public charging stations. Peugeot provides access to a vast network of charging infrastructure, making it easier than ever to keep the e-Traveller juiced up and ready for your next adventure.

Overall, the Peugeot e-Traveller sets a benchmark for electric MPVs with its impressive specifications and features. Combining practicality, sustainability, and advanced technology, the e-Traveller caters to modern-day families and businesses seeking a greener and more efficient way to travel. Whether it’s daily commuting or long-distance journeys, the Peugeot e-Traveller ensures that every ride is not only enjoyable but also contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Peugeot e-Traveller Specifications

Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h)13.1 sec
Top Speed130 km/h
Electric Range 185 km
Total Power100 kW (136 PS)
Total Torque260 Nm
Nominal Capacity50.0 kWh
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Number of Cells216
Architecture400 V
Useable Capacity46.3 kWh
Cathode MaterialNo Data
Pack Configuration108s2p
Nominal Voltage400 V
Home / DestinationFast Charging
Charge PortType 2Fastcharge PortCCS
Port LocationLeft Side – FrontFC Port LocationLeft Side – Front
Charge Power7.4 kW ACFastcharge Power (max)101 kW DC
Charge Time (0->185 km)7h30mFastcharge Time (19->148 km)26 min
Charge Speed25 km/hFastcharge Speed290 km/h
Dimensions and Weight
Length4959 mm
Width1920 mm
Width with mirrors2204 mm
Height1877 mm
Wheelbase3275 mm
Weight Unladen (EU)1969 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR)2810 kg
Max. Payload916 kg
Cargo Volume603 L
Cargo Volume Max3061 L
Cargo Volume Frunk0 L
Roof Load150 kg
Tow Hitch PossibleYes
Towing Weight Unbraked750 kg
Towing Weight Braked1000 kg
Vertical Load Max60 kg
Seats9 people
IsofixYes, 3 seats
Turning Circle12.4 m
PlatformPSA EMP2
Car BodySmall Passenger Van
SegmentN – Commercial
Roof RailsNo
EV Dedicated PlatformNo

Peugeot e-Traveller FAQs

What is the price of the Peugeot e-Traveller?
The price of the Peugeot e-Traveller is Rs. 8,812,320.

What is the range of the Peugeot e-Traveller?
Peugeot E-Traveller delivers a range of 185 km.

What are the colors available in the Peugeot e-Traveller?
Peugeot e-Traveller is available in 7 different colors: Rich Oak, Ice White, Nera Black, Cumulus Grey, Nimbus Grey, Rich Oak, and Ice White.