Komaki XGT X5 Price, Specifications, and Features in Nepal

In a category all its own, the Komaki XGT-X5 electric scooter introduces a revolutionary design tailored exclusively for the elderly and physically challenged riders. One of its standout features is the distinctive twin rear wheel setup, accompanied by dual shock absorbers that create an unparalleled level of stability and comfort. Complementing this is a single front wheel suspended gracefully on a telescopic fork, ensuring a seamless balance between agility and smoothness on various terrains.

Bringing cutting-edge technology to the forefront, the XGT-X5 boasts a dual-disc braking system that enhances safety and control. This braking setup is not only efficient but also features regenerative braking, a forward-looking innovation that enhances efficiency by converting kinetic energy into electrical energy during deceleration. This regenerative feature contributes to both extending battery life and optimizing overall performance.

The heartbeat of the Komaki XGT-X5 lies in its powertrain options. The scooter is energized by a robust 60V/72V electric motor, providing ample power for a personalized riding experience. This motor can be seamlessly paired with either a 20-30Ah lithium-ion battery or a VRLA gel battery, granting riders the flexibility to choose their preferred energy source based on their needs and preferences.

Charging these powerhouses is a breeze, with the lithium-ion battery pack taking approximately 4-5 hours to reach a full charge. The VRLA variant extends this timeframe slightly, requiring around 6-8 hours for a complete charge. These charging durations ensure that riders can efficiently power up their scooters, allowing for more time spent on the road and less time waiting.

Unveiling a remarkable range, both iterations of the Komaki XGT-X5 electric scooter boast an impressive claimed range of approximately 80-90km. This extended range guarantees that riders can embark on extended journeys, whether for leisure or daily commutes, without the worry of depleting battery power midway. This sense of freedom empowers individuals with limited mobility to venture farther than ever before.

Perhaps the most exceptional aspect of the Komaki XGT-X5 is its distinct positioning in the market. As a dedicated solution designed exclusively for the elderly and physically challenged riders, it stands alone without any natural rivals. This unique focus underscores Komaki’s commitment to inclusivity, offering a transportation solution that addresses specific needs and enriches the lives of those who require it the most.

Overall, the Komaki XGT-X5 electric scooter represents an innovative leap in mobility solutions. Its twin rear wheel setup, advanced shock absorbers, regenerative braking, customizable powertrain options, efficient charging times, and impressive range collectively create an exceptional package. As a pioneering electric scooter tailored for the elderly and physically challenged, the XGT-X5 carves a distinct niche in the market, redefining accessibility, comfort, and freedom for a previously underserved demographic.

Komaki XGT X5 Specifications

Engine and Transmission
StartingPush Button Start
Instrument ConsoleDigital
Anti Theft AlarmYes
Seat TypeSingle
Body GraphicsYes
Passenger BackrestYes
Features & Safety
Charging PointYes
Chassis and Suspension
Body TypeElectric Bikes
Body GraphicsYes
Motor & Battery
Battery TypeVRLA
Battery Capacity60 V/24 Ah
Claimed Range80-90 km/charge
Brakes FrontDisc
Brakes RearDisc
Wheels TypeAlloy
Tubeless TyreTubeless

Komaki XGT X5 FAQs

What is the price of the Komaki XGT X5?
The price of the Komaki XGT X5 is Rs. 2,59,000.

What is the range of the Komaki XGT X5?
Komaki XGT X5 delivers a range of 80-90 km/charge.

What are the colors available in Komaki XGT X5?
Komaki XGT X5 is available in Red.