Komaki Venice Ultra Price, Specifications, and Features in Nepal

The Komaki Venice Ultra boasts impressive performance figures that make it an exceptional electric scooter. With a top speed of 70 km/hr, it effortlessly keeps up with urban traffic. The rated motor power of 3000 W ensures a responsive and efficient ride, while the peak motor power of 4900 W delivers bursts of acceleration when needed.

At the heart of the Komaki Venice Ultra lies an advanced lithium battery with a capacity of 72V 66Ah. This high-capacity battery offers extended range and supports the scooter’s powerful performance, making it an ideal choice for both short commutes and longer journeys.

The Komaki Venice Ultra is equipped with the latest LiFePo4 battery technology, which offers an extended cycle life and exceptional thermal and chemical stability. This translates to a longer-lasting battery with enhanced safety features, making it a reliable choice for eco-conscious riders seeking a sustainable mode of transportation.

With its app-based connectivity, the Komaki Venice Ultra revolutionizes the rider experience. By utilizing location-based services, drivers can effortlessly locate charging stations, access vital information about their battery’s status, and stay connected in real time. This innovative feature adds convenience and peace of mind to every ride.

The Combined Braking System (CBS) of the Komaki Venice Ultra introduces a new level of control and safety. By intelligently linking the front and rear brakes, skidding is minimized, and braking distances are significantly reduced. This technology enhances rider confidence, especially in challenging road conditions, making every journey secure and manageable.

Riding comfort and stability is paramount, and the Komaki Venice Ultra achieves this with its advanced suspension setup. The front and rear suspensions are built to be thicker and more durable, complemented by dampening controls that ensure a smooth and controlled ride at various speeds. This allows riders to confidently navigate diverse terrains with ease.

The Komaki Venice Ultra caters to individual tastes with a range of captivating color choices. From the striking Iconic Yellow to the bold Garnet Red, and from the elegant Metallic Blue to the sleek Jet Black, the color palette offers options for every personality. Other choices like Bright Orange, Steel Grey, Pure White, Pure Gold, and Sacramento Green ensure that riders can truly personalize their electric scooter.

The scooter is equipped with modern features like a digital speedometer and trip meter, providing accurate and easy-to-read information for the rider. The Telescopic suspension ensures a smooth ride, and the alloy wheels with tubeless tires contribute to both aesthetics and functionality. The inclusion of Bluetooth-enabled mobile connectivity adds a layer of tech-savviness to the riding experience.

Overall, the Komaki Venice Ultra combines cutting-edge technology, performance, safety features, and a range of customizable options to create a standout electric scooter that caters to the needs and preferences of modern riders.

Komaki Venice Ultra Specifications

Top Speed70 KM/HR
Rated Motor Power3000 W
Peak Motor Power4900 W
BatteryAdvanced Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity72V 66Ah
TYRESTubeless Tyres

Komaki Venice Ultra FAQs

What is the price of the Komaki Venice Ultra?
The price of the Komaki Venice Ultra is Rs. 4,44,000.

What is the range of the Komaki Venice Ultra?
Komaki Venice Ultra delivers a range of 300 km.

What are the colors available in Komaki Venice Ultra?
Komaki Venice Ultra is available in 9 different colors: Iconic Yellow, Bright Orange, Garnet Red, Metallic Blue, Jet Black, Steel Grey, Pure White, Pure Gold, and Sacramento Green.