does not allow the posting of ads that are considered illegal as per Nepalese law and/or are not permitted as per the below Ad posting rules. Any user found violating these rules will be subjected to the action/s mentioned below.

1. Multiple (duplicate/repeat) ad posting.

Users are not allowed to post more than 1 (one) similar active ad. A similar active ad is defined as ads selling or looking for the same product or service, even if these ads contain different text or images and/or are posted from the same or different account by a user.

Each user is only allowed to post an ad similar to his/her previous ad if the previous one has been marked as sold, has been deleted, or has already expired.

2. Misleading and fraudulent ads.

Some of the ads (but not limited) that fall under this are:

  • Ads title, price, and content must be related. For e.g. posting an ad with the title iPhone 5 with irrelevant price Rs. 200 is not allowed.
  • Ads titles should not include Price or Phone numbers, there is a separate field for that.
  • Ads posted with marketing gimmick words with the sole purpose of grabbing other user attention. For e.g. posting ad “Best opportunity of your life”, “Click this to earn money”, “Call me soon”, “Don’t miss out” etc.
  • Ads with Inaccurate/wrong prices. You need to clearly mention the price in your ad. For e.g. posting an ad with a price of Rs. 5,000 but when later contacted you are asking for another price.
  • Ads with Incorrect/wrong item conditions are mentioned. For e.g. posting used goods as Brand New, not disclosing the defectiveness of goods.
  • Ads selling stolen and illegal goods.
  • Ads selling fake, replica, and counterfeited goods by representing them as original.
  • Ads with the sole purpose of leading users to another website or generating downloads without an actual sale of a product or service.
  • Ads that have Images unrelated to the ad content. Posting graphic (violent or adult-oriented) images is not allowed.

3. Miscategorized (wrong category) ads.

Ads must be posted in the correct category. For e.g. posting a Bike ad in the Mobile category, or an office table in the Home Furniture category is considered a miscategorized ad. If you are unsure which category your ads belongs to, kindly search for existing ads to know where other users have posted a similar ad. If your ad falls under more than one category, select the best and post your ad only in that category.

4. Post illegal or morally obscene ads. does not allow ads that are illegal as per Nepal law or are considered morally obscene in the context of Nepalese society. Some of the ads (but not limited to) that fall under are:

  • Ads for Prostitution, obscene items, or any form of adult entertainment ads like escort, indecent massages, pornography, sexual items, etc.
  • Ads that hurt the sentiments of any person, group, or religion.
  • Ads selling illegal items like weapons, drugs, human organs, endangered animals, prohibited antiques, black marketing, etc.
  • Ads that infringes on other third parties’ intellectual property, moral right, and privacy.

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