Hyundai is all set to blow the flag of its new updates through the Grandeur 7th generation. Six whole years after the launch of the sixth generation Grandeur or Azera, Hyundai is bringing in a new version of this model. A vast technological turnaround since its first launch in 2016 has left multiple spaces for changes in the new variant.

Grandeur in the International Market

Hyundai Grandeur or Azera 2023 7th Gen

Hyundai Grandeur has been known by the name Hyundai Azera outside Korea. It is known to be the flagship model of Hyundai as a whole. So-ever, the earlier variants were not listed among the luxurious models and the new one with the advanced modern technologies can certainly break this fashion. Citable of the fact that this new version approaches in with a 4-seater luxury variant that comes with independent rear seats.
Especially, the international market has climbed huge mounts in terms of EVs and the use of sustainable materials in the past few years. Undoubtedly, the expectations from Grandeur aka Azera are high for the time it took to announce this new release.

What is the Engine like?

The engine of the Hyundai Grandeur 2023 7th generation will supposedly be similar to that of the Kia K8. The engine of K8 includes a 2.5 and 3.5 liters GDi engine, 3.5 liters LPG., and 1.6 turbo hybrid. In total it has 4 gasoline engines which might be the same for Grandeur 2023 as well.

Hyundai Grandeur or Azera 2023 7th Gen - interior

Rivals of Grandeur 7th Generation

No doubt, Hyundai Grandeur 7th Generation will emerge in the automotive market as a luxury. Hence, its major competitors can be no less luxurious cars than Mercedes-Benz S-class, BMW 7 Series, and Audi A8L. Hopefully, the Azera 2023 will render excessively neoteric features that will lead to other more incredible competitors for the sedan.

Price and Selling Date

It would be unfair to estimate the price of this Hyundai Grandeur 7th generation when we’re still foreign to many features and specifications of the car. Hence, let’s sideline the assumed price and wait for the grand reveal by the company itself.
However, regarding the selling date, this new variant has a high chance of selling during the second half of 2023.

Other Key Features

  • Magic Roof can block light and heat, and can also become transparent.
  • Uses retro cues with a bountiful of futuristic designs.
  • Supposedly has the same engine lineup as K8 which has 4 gasoline engines.
  • Full of premium sustainable materials
  • Features human-made leather
  • Digital instrument panel having touchscreen display for infotainment.
  • Seamless Horizon Lamp
  • Five seaters, with frameless doors.
  • Uncluttered body sides.
  • Auto-flush handles.
  • C-pillar helps in creating dynamic and sporty performance.
  • The gear selector same as the IONIC
  • Touchscreen all-over
  • Engines include four-speed or five-speed automatic boxes.
  • The front design might be close to that of the Hyundai Staria and Kia Telluride.