The sharp edging design of the motorbike goes well with the name X-Blade. Apart from being the leading company of extortionate super-bikes, Honda has also maintained its name as the economic bike manufacturer. Attaining and maintaining great success on Honda Unicorn 160cc and Honda Hornet 160cc, the company is now looking forward to getting a similar result on the new Honda X-Blade.


Although the new Honda X-Blade is the third member of the same section of 160cc bikes, the bike is built with a completely new design, and no parts are shared with other Honda bikes. The bike is sure to gain people’s attention when running on the road. The exceptional headlight is a spotlight of the new Honda X-Blade.

The aggressive bot-faced headlamp makes the bike a lot more snazzy and belligerent. The voguish fuel tank along with the soft and cozy seat of the latest Honda X-Blade is an anomaly. Also, the materials used in the manufacture of X-Blade are all superior in quality.


The super-stylish X-Blade, not only serves you with its outstanding looks but will please you with its performance as well. The 162.71cc Honda X-Blade generates 13.93 bhp at 8500 rpm and a torque of 13.9Nm at 6000rpm. The number is 1 bhp and 0.6 Nm less than the Honda Hornet. The 5-speed gearbox is very mellow and your foot does not stuck while changing gears.

The bike somehow lacks the smooth vibration-free Honda engine although it is still very calm and enjoyable to ride. The sporty-looking city bike has a 12L of fuel capacity and will benefit you with the 50kmpl mileage. The Honda X-Blade is the best for a country like Nepal where roads are not in good condition and often full of traffic. The bike shows off the fully digital instrument that includes a speedometer, odometer, trip meter, and many more.


The 80/100-17 rear and 130/70-17 front tubeless tires are not built for speed and cornering. The comfortable seat and better steering control of the Honda X-Blade allow the rider to go through the busy traffic like a hot knife through butter. The bike will show no discomfort on potholes roads. Having said this, the seat of the bike is quite firm.

The smooth-riding of the Honda X-Blade is enhanced with the 33mm telescopic forks up the front shock and a mono-shock in the backend. Also, the front disc brake along with the single ABS channel system has an excellent predictable response.


As always, the bike will face competition with its chief rivals the Apache RTR and sought-after Bajaj Pulsar 160NS. The new Honda X-Blade price in Nepal is exactly Rs.2,85,000. Making a price comparison, the Apache RTR 160 costs Rs.2,89,000 while the Bajaj Pulsar 160NS costs around Rs.2,90,000.


We would say the new Honda X-Blade is one of the best mid-range bikes in Nepal that will not disappoint you in the long run. The provision of 50kmph of mileage with the 160cc engine is a substantial deal for you. Now on another note, if you want a soft seat that will not sore your back after a tedious long ride, then you should probably look for some other alternatives.