2021 has been a year of uncertainty. For instance, look at the new Honda H’ness CB350. No one expected the Japanese giant to compete with the mighty Royal Enfield. The classic category of bikes has been single-handedly dominated by the Royal Enfield for ages. But the release of Honda H’ness CB350 is certainly raising the question if it can fade the indisputable popularity of Royal Enfield or not.

Honda H’ness CB350: Design and Features

Honda H’ness CB350 price in Nepal

In the pragmatic world, styling and feature are the most important factors. No vehicle can lure the public if it doesn’t have a tempting design and a wholesome feature.

When we look into the CB350, the first thing that drags our attention is the broad and extensive fuel tank. Besides, the shiny Honda badge in the tank just adds an extra element to maintain the 80s look. Then there is the matte chrome fender that surrounds the big, round, alluring LED headlamp. Likewise, we also cannot disregard the beauty of turn indicators which brings the vintage style back to life.

Similarly, the comfortable, cozy, single-piece seat along with the attractive tail lamp is clear to win the game.

Superior Material Quality

In many cases, bike manufacturers build a bike that incorporates all the good design and features but misses out on the quality. However, this is not the case with Honda H’ness CB350. Incorporating all the superior materials and high-quality paint, Honda H’ness 350 has not left any room for complaints.

Talking about the paint, you can choose either a single-tone or a dual-tone color. The DLX version flaunts the single-tone color. While the DLX pro version offers you dual horns, dual-tone paint, and Honda Smart Voice Control. Thus, costing a few bucks more than the DLX variant.

Honda Smart Voice Control


The modish Honda Smart Voice Control (HSVC) allows you to see incoming calls and messages. Once you pair your smartphone with the analog-digital cluster, you can easily receive your calls and messages. Besides, you can also play music using the Honda application. Nevertheless, you will need a Bluetooth helmet to use these features.

Another voguish feature of this classic bike is the availability of the charging point. You can find the charging point under the instrument cluster which is a Type-C port.

Honda H’ness CB350: Engine and Performance

Now, let us talk about the most important part of the review which is the performance of the engine. But before moving into it, we have to say that the exhaust sound of the Honda H’ness CB350 is loud and hoarse with a bit of sporty touch. In short, it is very impressive.

Although the exhaust note is the benchmark of this bike, we cannot just ignore the overall specification of the CB350. The Honda H’ness CB350 packs a brawny 349cc, air-cooled engine. Further, it can generate a max torque of 30Nm at an rpm as low as 3000. This superlative power takes the bike from 0-60kph in 4.32 seconds. Similarly, it can reach the 100kph mark in 12.69 seconds with 130kph being the top speed of this bike.

Tractability at Lower Speed

However, Honda H’ness CB350 is quite tall in contrast to other classic bikes in the current market. Correspondingly, it is not quite manageable at lower speeds.

The resolution to make the bike a bit taller has relatively weakened the bottom end and riding the bike at 65-75kph is quite a task. Likewise, the bike also does not prefer to accelerate from 10-15kpm in second gear. So, if you are a bullet lover and prefer a comfortable ride at low speed, Honda H’ness is not for you.

Contrarily, if you are looking for a powerful engine with good refinements at a higher speed then this bike will serve you the best. Besides, the smooth slippery clutch somehow makes it easier to tackle daily traffic.

Ride and Handling

Ride and Handling

The classic frame of Honda incorporates a telescopic fork and twin hydraulic shock absorbers. Thereby improving the handling of the bike to some extent. However, the handling becomes stiffer at lower speeds, and riding the bike in a pothole is quite a hassle.

Meanwhile, the tubeless MRF Zapper tire provides an extra grip on the bike and facilitates better cornering.

Moving on to the braking, it has a Nissin Caliper 310mm front disc and a 240mm rear disc. Further, it also has an Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS) which helps to restore the grip on wheels and prevent the locking up of brakes.

Verdict and Honda H’ness Price in Nepal

Honda H'ness Price in Nepal

Honda H’ness CB350 is a new addition to the classic segment of bikes with a better engine and structure. The bike flaunts an alluring design and a powerful engine with decent handling. However, looking into the downside, it does not perform well at a lower speed.

Thus, if you love a comfortable, lazy ride, you should certainly not consider Honda H’ness CB350. But if you are anticipating a classic bike with a refined engine and an excellent structure then Honda H’ness CB350 will be a perfect choice for you.

Honda H’ness CB350 costs an exorbitant price of Rs.7,75,000 in Nepal. On the other hand, its competitor, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 costs Rs.6,00,000 in the current market.