Gogoro, a leader in two-wheeler manufacturing, has brought its battery-swapping technology to Nepal, marking a significant step in the country’s electric vehicle journey. Teaming up with Nebula Energy, their official partner in Nepal, Gogoro introduced this cutting-edge technology alongside their sleek smart scooter, the Gogoro Crossover GX250.


The highlight of Gogoro’s innovation is its lightning-fast battery swap, taking a mere 6 seconds to replace the battery of an electric scooter. This technology was showcased during the launch event held at Anand Bhavan in Lazimpat, Kathmandu, where key figures like Kulman Ghising, Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, and Yang Chen, Executive Director of Gogoro, unveiled the GX250 scooter.

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With plans to outnumber petrol stations with battery swapping stations, they aim to revolutionize the way Nepalese commute. Initially focusing on business-to-business (B2B) operations, Gogoro intends to expand to retail sales later this year.

The GX250 Crossover scooter boasts a powerful 7 kW motor, making it ideal for various purposes, including delivery services, with a range of up to 170 km and a loading capacity of 200 kg. Although the price remains undisclosed, its utility and efficiency are undeniable.

Kulman Ghising emphasized the transformative potential of swap technology, predicting a surge from the current 5 percent market share to a whopping 50 percent. He stressed the need for such innovations not only in two-wheelers but also in four-wheelers, reflecting on Nepal’s energy consumption dynamics.

Nebula Energy, in collaboration with Gogoro, plans to alleviate charging concerns by strategically locating swap stations every 2/3 km in Kathmandu Valley initially. Charging stations have already been set up at key locations, including Anand Bhawan in Lajimpat and Mayaram Bholaram Petrol Pump in Tripureshwar, with plans for further expansion.

In addition to catering to retail customers, Nebula Energy has partnered with companies like Foodmandu, Jumjum, Alloy Nepal, and Gali Map, showcasing its commitment to electrifying various sectors. As a testament to their dedication, 40 units of GX250 scooter were distributed during the unveiling event.

Gogoro’s journey began a decade ago in Taiwan, and with over 600,000 units sold worldwide, their impact on the electric vehicle landscape is palpable. Now, with their entry into Nepal, Gogoro paves the way for a greener, more efficient future in transportation.