Hyundai has been a sponsor of the FIFA World Cup since 1999, and the partnership has been extending ever since. Later, from the year 2006, it served as an official ground transportation provider for the FIFA World Cups. Alongside its sister company Kia, Hyundai supplies vehicles to carry FIFA officials, players, and media staff throughout the course of the tournament.

Talking of this year, Hyundai has provided 446 passenger cars and 10 e-buses to the FIFA World Cup 2022 held in Qatar. For the 28-day time period, the company is providing a total of 616 fleet vehicles for the event.

Further, let’s know about the models supplied by Hyundai for the tournament!

Transport in the FIFA World Cup

The VIPs and staff at the FIFA World Cup use Hyundai IONIQ 5, KONA HEV, Tucson HEV, Sonata HEV, Genesis G80 EV, and GV70 EV. Media, on the other hand, are provided with the Elec City buses. Also, for re-charging the battery-based EVs, the Hyundai company has operated roadside charging using their Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) service on two IONIQ 5 EVs which are based on battery.

The organizer, FIFA has equipped the stadium parking with 100kW to 150 kW EV chargers. Hence, the stadiums in Doha will allow uninterrupted functioning for all battery-based electric vehicles. Additionally, for the repairing of the vehicles, Qatar Dealership Service will be playing its infrastructural role.

Why is Hyundai promoting EVs in the World Cup, might be a popular question here. Let’s know why!

The Goal of the Century Campaign

Hyundai has collaborated with FIFA for a sustainable world. Making sustainability a vision for the future, this collaboration has launched a team called ‘Team Century.’ The campaign calls for making a better future for all, a goal they’ve envisioned for the future.

Fuel and petroleum are major dependency factors for humans, all around the world. They are not forever lasting but most human carriers, the vehicles use these gases for their functioning.

Hence, while dreaming of a sustainable future, electric alternatives to fuel-based devices become a must. Therefore, promoting EVs over fuel-based vehicles is a part of the same campaign for Hyundai.

Who are the team members of the ‘Team Century’?

Korean boy band BTS is among the major facets of Team Century. They are not only the members but have also released the song, ‘Yet to Come,’ for the project purpose.

Besides BTS, Steven Gerrard, the English footballer; Danish, the footballer from the Afgan refugee camp; Nadia Nadim, the ambassador at UNESCO; Jeremy Scott, the popular American fashion designer; Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian sculptor; Nicky Woo, the documentary photographer; Spot, a Boston Dynamics robot; and Ji-Sung, the former Korean football captain, are the team members.