EV Nepal Expo 2022 was held from 2nd to 4th December in Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. S D Expo Media, the sister concern of S D Promo Media Pvt Ltd was the main organizer while the Indian Exhibition Sevices co-organized the event. Having had organizers from India, the primary target of the expo was to introduce Indian EVs, parts, and batteries to the Nepali audience.

A show of a similar nature gained major success in India. So, bringing it to Nepal focused on finding Nepali distributors for the Indian companies manufacturing EVs, EV batteries, and parts. Aware of the fact that Nepal has no yearly road taxes for EVs, and the country also produces large amounts of hydroelectricity, the organizers were committed to bringing this promotional program to Nepal.

EV Nepal Expo 2022 entry

The major attraction of the EV Nepal Expo 2022 were 2-wheeler scooters and bikes, multiple variants of 3-wheelers, and even a minibus. Besides these, the batteries, chargers, and EV parts were also on stalls for promotion.

Expo welcome board

First, let’s hop into the price of 2-wheelers!

Electric 2-Wheelers Price in Nepal

Electric Scooters

Pioneer Horwin EK1NRs. 3,75,000
Pioneer E5NRs. 7,50,000
Pioneer Ecooter ET3i) Lead Acid – NRs. 2,00,000
ii) Li-ion – NRs. 2,75,000
Pioneer Ecooter E2NRs. 4,75,000
Pioneer Horwin SK3NRs. 4,75,,000
Raft Indus (1000W)NRs. 4,99,000
Raft Indus (2000W)NRs. 5,29,000
Raft Warrior (1000W)NRs. 2,49,000
Raft Warrior (2000W)NRs. 2,84,000
Raft Jispa NX(1000W)NRs. 2,54,000
Raft Jispa NX (2000W)NRs. 2,89,000
Cappuccino (S)NRs. 4,50,000
Luyuan S30NRs. 2,54,700
Luyuan MNK3NRs. 1,53,999
Ecobit International- Kid’s BikeNRs. 1,76,000
Ecobit International – R3NRs. 3,80,000
Ecobit International – R3 ProNRs. 5,30,000
BravoNRs. 2,50,000
Bravo (5 units)NRs. 3,80,000
Enigma Crink ProNRs. 2,20,000

Electric Bike

Pioneer Horwin CR6 Price NRs. 6,50,000

Apart from these, the companies like e-Ashwa and Moosie also promoted their scooters and bike at EV Nepal Expo 2022. E-Ashwa has the models, Velox, Velox Plus, Velox Pro, Dangus, Dangus Plus, Dangus Pro, Glide, Blossom, Nebo, CEO (bike), Blaze, Raakit 100, and Glided Plus.

Similarly, the company, Moosie has four different versions of CK scooters including CK-1, Ck-2, CK-3, and CK-4.

Also, Enigma promoted its other models, Crink V1, N8, GT450 Pro, GT450, Ambier, and H1.

Besides, some companies like Easy Go, Safeway, and VoltOn also endorsed their e-bicycle.

The Nepali price for these 2-wheelers is not yet listed as these EVs are in the process of getting distributors in Nepal.

3-Wheelers at EV Nepal Expo 2022

Three companies stood by with their 3-wheeler models at the EV Nepal Expo 2022. SKS Arzoo has a variety of models including ECO Ride, ECO 22, ECO 20, DLX SS, Ride SS, 22SS, EC1, E-Cart with Hyd., Heavy Loader, Food Van, Close Body Loader, and Hyd. Garbage Cart.

3 wheeler EV

In the same way, e-Ashwa’s 3-wheeler EVs include, 2-Rickshaw, e-Loader, e-Cargo, e-Garbage Van, e-Food Cart, e-Fruit and Vegetable Cart, e-School Van, e-Auto, e-Icecream Cart, and e-Milk Cart.

Further, the company MAK aka Mithila Auto KRAFT endorsed their e-Rickshaw, and e-Cart during the event.

4-Wheelers at EV Nepal Expo 2022

There were majorly two 4-wheelers available at the EV Nepal Expo 2022. One of the most attractive parts was the microvan by the brand SKS. The EV goes by the name Brev14 as it’s a 14-seater minibus that has a driving range of 120-150 kilometers. Although the exact cost for this microvan for Nepal has not been listed, it can be priced at about 35-40 lakhs.

Similarly, Henrey also showcased its Mincar Model H at the Expo. There are two variants of the same model available in dual color choices. The premium red color cost NRs. 23,75,000 while the normal color of the same model cost NRs. 23,50,000.

Other Electric Products at EV Nepal Expo 2022

When it comes to the other products, the company, Fastcharge displayed its 3 AC and DC chargers each. The AC charger involved FC-3K3, FC-7K5, and FC-22K while the DC charger included, FC-30K, FC-60K, and FC-150K.

Likewise, the brands Euclion, Accord Power, Likraft, and Statiq advertised their battery packs and chargers. Other than that, there were companies like Electra Koko Tawa Weld that held Welding and Cutting Machines and Prayosha Innovative that held Vaccum Water Tank Cleaner for promotions.

The brand doReal Motors which does the work of converting car, scooter, bike, and cycle to electric, was also on the stall with parts of EVs. For the last one, let’s not miss out on the Tyre Sealant by Global Tyre Solutions which can be of immediate use for punctures.

Furthermore, this event also selected a knowledge partner, the International Center For Automotive Technology (iCAT), which worked towards awareness about the program to the visitors.