The British Automotive Company, Lotus Cars Limited is coming up with an all-electric Eletre Hyper SUV. Ever since the establishment of the company in 1948, its major focus has been on sports and racing cars. The cars by Lotus Cars are popular for being minimal weight and having excellent handling features.

When it comes to hypercars, they’re usually known for being one of the rarest automobiles created. So, it’s assumable that Lotus Electric SUVs will be the high-performance cars, that come in limited editions. On top of that, Lotus allows its customers to customize these electric SUVs to their imagination.

Lotus is launching three different models of its electric SUV. These variants slightly differ in their characteristics.

Eletre Hyper SUV

Let’s sneak into every kind and character of the Lotus Electric Hyper SUVs.

Eletre Hyper SUV

The Lotus Cars company promotes the Eletre SUV as an automobile having a perfect balance of design, performance, and technology. Having manufactured sports cars throughout, the company has worked well on the detailings, be it the dynamics of the entertainment factor.


Motor450kW Dual Motor
EV Architecture800V
Range600.285 Km
Speed4.5 sec/0-62 mph
Top Speed 160 mph
Wheel Drive4WD
AC on-board charger22kWh

Eletre S Hyper SUV

Eletre S version has a framework mostly similar to Eletre. The motor, range, speed, and most details of this variant of Lotus electric SUV coincide with Eletre. Regarding the features, this variant has an upgraded audio feature, aerodynamics, and other practical attributes. Eletre S has the same specifications as that Eletre.

rear view

Eletre S Features

  • Customers get to choose colors for the brake calipers unlike in Eletre where they’re black.
  • The gloss black aluminum roof features roof rails
  • Soft door close and active rear spoiler
  • Configurable ambient lighting
  • In terms of technical equipment, it consists of KEF Reference Audio (2160 w with 23 speakers)

Eletre R Hyper SUV

Eletre R is a high premium quality version of the Lotus electric SUV. As per the company, it is specifically designed for the ultimate performance-demanding drivers. Further, they reveal that this variant is all about unleashing the overall potential of the electric drive technology.


Motor675kW Dual Motor
EV Architecture800V
Speed2.95 sec/0-62 mph
Top Speed 165 mph
Wheel Drive4
AC on board charger22kWh

Speaking of the features, it’s fair to say that the company leaves no stone unturned to satisfy its customers through technological advances and dynamics in all three, Eletre, Eletre S, and Eletre R SUVs.

front view

Eletre R Features

  • Choice of colors for brake calipers like in Eletre S
  • Additional drive more and lotus dynamic handling pack
  • 22’’10 spoke gloss black forged alloys
  • Black pack, soft door close, rear privacy glass, and active rear spoiler in the exterior
  • Its interior is Quartz interior
  • Configurable ambient lighting plus illuminated side architecture
  • For entertainment, it consists of KEF Premium Audio (1380w with 15 speakers) which is varied from the speakers used by Eletre and Eletre S.

Firstly, let’s glimpse into the common features of all three trims of the Lotus electric SUVs.

Common Features of Electre Hyper SUV

  • Active air suspension and damping control
  • Electric power-assisted steering and black color brake calipers
  • Heated door mirrors that can be power folded
  • Hands-free tailgate plus lotus active aero and gloss black aluminum roof
  • The exterior is equipped with Matrix LED headlamps and 22’’10 spoke forged alloy wheels
  • The Interior has a four-zone climate control, wireless phone charger, and heated steering wheel.
  • 5-seat configuration with 40/20/40 folding rear seats
  • 12-way mobile front seat, having an S driver greeting function, and memory.
  • Equipped with heads-up display, HD OLED center screen of 15.1’’, and KEF Reference Audio
  • Features blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, driver assistance, and rear collision warning.
  • Includes front and rear park assist, Bluetooth, DAB radio, ADAS, and Lotus Intelligent Dynamic Chassis Control (LIDC)


How many variants does Lotus electric hyper SUV come in?

Lotus Electric Hyper SUV comes in 3 different variants- Eletre, Eletre S, and Eletre R.

Which company owns Lotus?

The Chinese multinational company, Geely owns a 51% share of Lotus while the remaining 49% is owned by Etika Automotive.

Does Toyota supply engines to Lotus?

The Elise and Evora models of Lotus acquire engines from Toyota.

Which country will manufacture the Lotus electric SUVs?
The electric SUVs will be manufactured in Lotus’ new factory in Wuhan, China.