Shanghai Launch Automotive, a renowned design house worldwide, has officially appointed Nexon Ventures Pvt. Ltd. under the Webor Group as the authorized distributor of the first premium electric SUV, LEV 01, in Nepal. Webor Group, a reputable name in the Nepali automobile industry, proudly announced its partnership with Nexon Ventures Shanghai as the official distributor. 

Shanghai Launch Automotive has prepared its first right-hand drive model, the premium SUV LEV 01, to arrive in Nepal.

Webor Group is launching its entry into the Nepali market with the LEV 01, marking a positive step towards the future of electric transportation. It aims to offer an environmentally friendly driving experience and contribute significantly to the development of the Nepali automobile industry. Priority will be given to providing high-quality service to ensure customer satisfaction and earning trust through post-sales service and technical support availability.

The Premium Electric SUV LEV 01 measures 4640 mm in length, 1870 mm in width, and stands 1655 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2760 mm. It features 19-inch wheels and offers a ground clearance of 190 mm.

Equipped with a 67.1 kW lithium iron phosphate battery and a 99 kW motor, the LEV 01 claims to provide over 500 kilometers of range. It supports DC fast charging from 30% to 80% in just 35 minutes. The LEV 01 will change how people drive in Nepal with its long range and fast charging, making driving more eco-friendly.

More details to follow in the coming days. Meanwhile, check out our latest car listings here.