Crossfire Motorcycles Nepal has announced a ride, Crossfire Adventure Ride 2022 to the hidden valley of Manang starting from Bhaktapur. Those from inside Kathmandu valley will be meeting up at Sallaghari in Bhaktapur. The group from inside the valley will be meeting up with the team from outside the valley in Dumre.


Not to forget, however, people who ride Crossfire branded bikes are only eligible to participate in this adventurous ride to Manag. It is a 4-night, 5-day long ride beginning from 4th November to 8th November. Adventure lovers are welcome to fill out the registration form from the website of Crossfire Nepal. The cost of registration is Rs. 30,000.

Don’t wait, as there is a limit on the number of seats for this collective venture. If you’re interested, know the further details and rush in to register your name.

Ride Route

The route for the ride goes the following way:-

Crossfire Nepal has put forth some terms and conditions for the ride which involve that:-

  • The ride would take place at the participants’ own risk as riding a motorcycle ultimately involves some potential risk.
  • The participants need to be medically sound.
  • Insurance policy covering health, belongings, and motorcycle.
  • As mentioned above, only the riders of the branded ‘Crossfire,’ are allowed to participate.
  • License and Blue Book are the musts.

Similarly, a helmet and other riding gears are mandatory for the ride and the proper following of the traffic rules should be there. Also, they encourage the riders to carry their own water and snacks.

The organizers believe in making the ride enjoyable for the riders but at the same time, maintaining discipline throughout. They do not entertain any sort of reckless behavior involving riders themselves, other participants, vehicles, or even pedestrians. Further, there is a prohibition on the use of alcohol, or any mind-altering products during the ride.
Therefore, the worst condition might result in sending the rider back from the trip.

To register, visit the Crossfire Nepal website.