Cimex Inc. Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor of BYD Auto Industry Co. Ltd. in Nepal, conducted the Nail Penetration Test to demonstrate BYD Blade Battery’s safety standard. The test was conducted in Kathmandu, Nepal in the presence of Media.

The nail penetration test is also considered the Mount Everest of Battery Testing as it is the most rigorous way to test the thermal runaway of batteries. BYD’s patented technology Blade Battery is the only battery to pass the Nail Penetration Test successfully. Even in the most extreme conditions, the surface temperature remained remarkably low, proving the unrivaled safety of the Blade Battery.

Sahil Shrestha, CEO of Cimex Inc in BYD Blade Battery Nail Penetration Test Event
Mr. Sahil Shrestha, CEO of Cimex Inc.

Unrivaled Safety

The Blade Battery’s performance during the nail penetration test speaks volumes about its exceptional safety. Unlike traditional Lithium Ion- NCM Battery, which can reach dangerously high temperatures exceeding 500°C and ignite with dangerous temperatures when penetrated, the Blade Battery didn’t lead to fire or explosion, with surface temperatures going from 30 to 60°C.  

The Blade Battery’s ability to remain safe and unaffected even when subjected to external forces demonstrates its unmatched reliability.

Innovative Design

BYD’s Blade Battery is the result of years of dedicated research and development. Its unique design involves arranging individual cells into an array, which is then assembled into a battery pack. Thanks to this optimized battery pack structure, the Blade Battery boasts over 50% increased space utilization compared to conventional lithium iron phosphate block batteries.

Furthermore, the Blade Battery has also successfully passed various extreme test conditions, including crushing, bending, exposure to temperatures of up to 300°C, and overcharging by 260%. In each case, the Blade Battery remained resilient, with no incidents of fire or explosion.

BYD Blade Battery Nail Penetration Test Event
BYD Blade Battery Nail Penetration Test Event

A Commitment to Safety

Mr. Sahil Shrestha, the CEO at Cimex Inc., emphasized the significance of BYD’s Blade Battery in elevating battery safety standards in the EV industry. He stated, “BYD’s Blade Battery aims to bring battery safety back to the forefront, a redirection from the industry’s tenuous focus on this crucial aspect.” This achievement underscores BYD’s unwavering commitment to advancing EV safety and innovation, setting a new standard that prioritizes the well-being of both passengers and the environment.