Suzuki is one of the leading producers of SUVs. Whether it be a small SUV or the gigantic one, Suzuki always stands tall when it comes to quality and price range. After achieving a great fiat from Suzuki Brezza, the brand is looking forward to attaining the same on its newly released Suzuki S-Cross 2020.

The physical appearance of the S-Cross is conventional. Besides, you can either buy the 1-liter 3-cylinder engine or the 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine. Likewise, you have the choice between the automatic and manual gearbox.

A Well-Crafted Interior of Suzuki S-Cross 2020

Suzuki S-Cross 2020

The interior of the Suzuki S-Cross 2020 looks simple yet ravishing. The dark gray color with fine touches of chrome on the border looks alluring. The quality of plastic is not the best but is still better than most of the mid-range SUVs. The 4.3 inches display generates a crisp resolution of 800 X 480.

Similarly, the interior of new Suzuki S-Cross 2020 has enough space to rest your legs and the seats are quite luxurious. Likewise, the vehicle flaunts a decent headroom as well. Besides, the wide door aperture allows the passenger to get in and out of the vehicle comfortably. However, the boot space is not adequate. Although, the square-shaped, deep boot space can easily fit two travel suitcases.

Comfort and Suspension

Suzuki S-Cross 2020

As said earlier, the vehicle is good to go on a pitch as well as on the pothole roads. However, it is not exceptionally composed on the off-roads. You can hear lots of noises and feel ceaseless bumps. The bigger variant is fairly comfortable in contrast to the 1-liter S-Cross.

The average standard suspension has a direct consequence on its handling. The heavy steering wheels and the grippy big tires contribute a lot to having better control. But it is not up to par. In addition, SUVs like Hyundai Creta and Ford Ecosport are much more comfortable and boost your confidence.

Suzuki S-Cross 2020 Engine

Suzuki S-Cross 2020

The powerful booster jet engine in the S-Cross is adapted from the Suzuki Vitara. It generates adequate power and makes the ride smooth on pitch and pothole roads. Moreover, the automatic version is even more comfortable, but a handful of sacrifices are seen in its performance. Having said that if this power is still not enough for you then you can go for the 1.4-liter variant. This variant produces more punch and is suitable for lofty speed.

Safety and Security

Suzuki has taken safety as its primary concern in this vehicle. The latest Suzuki S-Cross 2020 packs a total of seven airbags. It includes the airbags to protect your lower body as well. The feature of emergency braking also works well. However, the downside is that it is found only in the SZ5. The lower versions don’t include this facility. Other than that, it brags about the deadlocks and immobilizer facilities as well.

Price in Nepal and Verdict

The newly launched Suzuki S-Cross 2020 is expected to have a starting price of Rs.39,00,000 which goes up to Rs.62,00,000 for the superior version. Besides, there are several other alternates between the lower-end and higher-end versions. The figure seems to be quite reasonable considering all the quality features. You should buy this vehicle if you are looking for a vehicle with preferable handling.

However, if you are not fond of loud noises and want a vehicle that is comfortable on pothole roads then you should not buy this vehicle.