CEAT presents NADA EV Expo 2022 is being held in the Exhibition hall of Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. Also having Nepal Electricity Authority and Shikhar Insurance Company as the sponsors, the event is conducted on the digital partnership of Khalt App. The offer begins from the entry gate itself with Khalti giving 25% off on getting a ticket from the app.

Pic: Entrance gate of the Exhibition Hall for NADA EV Expo 2022

The highly crowded 2nd day of the Expo was a show to watch, with the baffling traffic from the main gate of Bhrikutimandap. The growing popularity of the EV is no joke, and to view the proof, step inside the Exhibition hall till 25th September. Many popular brands like Tesla, Hyundai, CG, Tata, etc. are the key attractions of the NADA event this year. Famous brands shifting towards the sustainable side is in itself a foundation of this magnetic charm of EVs.

Offers you get in this NADA EV Expo that you wouldn’t get elsewhere

Buying an electric vehicle is in itself a long-term gain, in comparison to buying a fuel-based vehicle. The specifications of all the 2-wheeler brands and models exhibited are as attractive as the others. A total of sixteen 2-wheeler brands are present in the NADA show this year. They include Ola, Segway, Yadea, Lvneng, Niu, Zeeho, Super Soco, Aima, Tail G, Joy, Raymotoss, Lectro, Pure, Doohan/Miku, Hero, and, one unannounced brand by Yoma MA E Motors Pvt Ltd.

Some of the major discounts specifically designated for the NADA EV Expo were by the brands like Aima, Raymotoss, and Luyuan.

Himal EV Motors distributor Aima brand has 4 different models to offer. Hereinafter are the models alongside their prices:-

Tiger Saber X612: Rs. 515,000

Tiger Saber X611: Rs. 458,000

Tiger S5: Rs. 184,000

Mine Plus: Rs. 274,000

During the 2022 NADA fest, the brand is giving an additonal Rs. 4000 discount on all these models.

Similarly, the brand Raymotoss has models the following models to offer:

Rider R1: Rs. 255,000

Storm: Rs. 295,000

Storm Pro: Rs. 345,000

Raymotoss is giving a total of Rs. 10,000 discount on these models during the NADA EV Expo 2022.

Also, the brand LUYUAN is providing discounts during NADA. The models along with the price are:-

Scooter model MNK3:-

Original Price: Rs. 174,000

NADA discounted price: Rs. 164,000

Scooter model S30:-

Original Price: Rs. 254,000

NADA discounted price: Rs. 239,000

Hurry up! As these offers are only available till the NADA EV Expo 2022 which is supposed to be held till the 25th of September. Reach out to the event and you’ll know more about the other upcoming offers!